Creme 3.5 Recent Updates and Additions

Some recent updates to the software include a new limit analysis feature, a “Report an issue” form, as well as multiple improvements to food grouping.

Limit analysis is a new feature which allow our users to quickly assess the percentage of the population exceeding or not reaching a certain recommendation. For example, you can quickly see how many people exceed an acceptable daily intake (ADI) level for a contaminant in food or see how many do not reach a particular nutrient recommendation.

There is now a “Report an issue” form located on the lower right hand side of the screen. This enables users to quickly ask the Creme team questions, report any difficulties or request features. Once again this is provided here to minimise our users’ efforts while optimising the performance of the software.

The Creme team also has spent a lot of time improving the food grouping stage of the assessment wizard. Food already grouped will now be coloured red on the right hand side to avoid duplication. However users can still have foods categorised across multiple groups, if that is required. Users can now rename food groups at this stage and will notice improved saving options. Other general improvements include the option for users to download output tables in SAS format if desired.

Creme Food is continually developed and improved and we believe that users will note the dramatic upgrades and additions over the past year. Later this week, our nutrition intern from University College Dublin, Emma Gaynor will begin regularly posting a blog detailing how to use a specific feature to ensure our users reap the full benefits of the software.

Finally, the technical team is busy developing the next milestone for Creme, namely Creme Food 4! We continually request your feedback on the current version (Creme Food 3) as this feedback will shape what you will see in Creme 4. Please contact with any questions or requests. Please note users can also “Report an issue” within Creme Food itself.

Written by Creme Global on May 17 2011

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