Conferences for Creme

Next month, Creme will attend the RIFM INFOX (Information Exchange). This conference will take place on the 18th May at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. This Information Exchange conference will focus on state of the art fragrance science and will feature a special session on Alternative Methods. INFOX topics will range from fragrance ingredient research, like Oakmoss Sensitization, to new methodologies, like enhanced reproduction protocols, to chemical regulations in Asia. There will also be updates on RIFM research in Respiratory and Environmental Science, as well as Human Health.

May will also see Creme in attendance at the ISES and SETAC conference in Milan, Italy from the 18th-19th May. This event promises to address advancements in environmental, consumer and occupational exposure science required to meet the demands of a changing global regulatory landscape. It provides a great forum for providing expert insight into emerging trends in the context of regulatory mandates such as REACH, EU Biocides Directive, TSCA and CEPA.

Creme looks forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.

Written by Creme Global on April 19 2011

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