What we Know to be True

The amount of data generated globally is multiplying daily.

When decision makers have access to the right data, models and expertise, in a form they can understand, better decisions are made.

Bad decisions have serious consequences: damage, waste, financial loss, ill-health, etc. We can all do better; we must do better.

Our Vision

A world where everyone makes better decisions, based on real data and expert models. 

We have the expert models, specialized team and computing power to make this a reality.

About Us

With over fourteen years of experience developing cloud based software in the area of predictive intake modelling, we have gathered unique data sets on consumer habits, practices, consumption and chemical occurrence from all over the world. These data sets have been installed and validated in our regulatory accepted and employed models.

Our experts in mathematical modelling, statistics, software development, food science and nutrition develop and deploy our software models for consumer intake modelling, product safety assessment, regulatory affairs and innovation projects.


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Directors and Advisors

Cronan McNamara (CEO and director) Linkedin

Keelin McNamara (non-executive director) Linkedin

Prof. Mike Gibney, UCD (advisor) UCD ProfileBlog, Twitter