Newsletter - May 2014 - Aggregate Exposure In Your Daily Life

Published on: 30/05/2014 By: Cronan McNamara

May edition of the Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling Newsletter

We have created a short animation Aggregate Exposure in Your Daily Life which explains what we are striving to achieve at Creme Global. We would be delighted with any comments or feedback, so please let us know your thoughts.

In other news, we have our latest release of Creme Food. This new version enhances the graphing, security and usability of the system.

We have also released a new Constituents analysis model in Creme RIFM. This model allows scientists and innovators to assess the safety of constituents and impact of contaminants in fragrances and ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products.

You can read about all of these in our articles below.

We look forward to working with you to answer your Predictive Intake Modelling and Aggregate Exposure questions.

Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling Newsletter - May 2014.