Newsletter - January 2014 - FACET - Food Safety for the EU - Creme Food® Release & New Publications

Published on: 29/01/2014 By: Cronan McNamara

We are delighted to announce our very first update of Creme Food® in 2014. This new version includes many new features and enhancements including a new user friendly way of accessing consumption data. Read more about these updates in our article'Creme Food® January 2014 Release'.

Last month, Creme Global released the FACET software. This software, which is freely available to download, can be used to estimate dietary exposure to food chemicals in Europe, in particular for flavourings, additives and food packaging substances. Read more about this software in our article 'Creme Global Release FACET - A New Chemical Food Safety System for the EU'.

Following the FACET release, three scientific papers were accepted for publication. These papers all relate to food packaging (and follow other publications on dietary exposure to flavours and additives). Learn more about these papers in our article 'Publishing our Science: New Papers from Creme Global'.

We have many more studies and new approaches to predictive intake modelling that we want to share with you, so you can look forward to more publications in our upcoming newsletters in 2014.

I hope you enjoy this issue. As always, please get in touch with any comments, queries or feedback.

Kind regards, 
Cronan McNamara
CEO, Creme Global

FACET - Food Safety for the EU - Creme Food® Release & New Publications