Newsletter - August 2014 - Eurotox, IAFP & High Performance Computing Prize

Published on: 03/09/2014 By: Cronan McNamara

August edition of the Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling Newsletter

We are looking forward to Eurotox 2014 where we have some new scientific work to present. Creme Global will present two posters on aggregate exposure which will be available to download from our website after the event. You can read more about these presentations and view our event listing in our article below. 

We attended the IAFP 2014 in Indianapolis earlier this month. Read our key take-aways and highlights from this renowned event below. 

In other news, Creme Global recently awarded students from Trinity College Dublin with the inaugural Creme Global Prize for High Computing. Learn more about our winners below. 

Finally, please feel free to share any questions you may have on Predictive Intake Modelling or Aggregate Exposure assessment with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling Newsletter - August 2014.