Newsletter - April 2014 - Creme Global, Predictive Intake Modelling

Published on: 30/04/2014 By: schira.martin

Welcome to the April edition of the Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling Newsletter.

There is a rise in public interest in healthy living and increasing awareness that food can provide health benefits. A health claim is any statement, used on product labels, marketing or advertising materials, which implies benefits from the food or its components.

In Europe, health claims made in relation to food products require authorization under Regulation EC 1924/2006. About 80% of claims have been rejected by EFSA (this rises to 95% if Vitamins and Minerals are excluded). Read about how we can help bolster health claims in our first article below.

With changing consumer preferences and habits, the personal care products and cosmetics markets are dynamic and innovative. Learn about how you can assess total aggregate exposure of consumers from all products, including new and novel products in our second article.

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Creme Global - Predictive Intake Modelling April Newsletter 2014