Creme Global - Food4Me Nutrition Quiz - The Science Behind the Game

Published on: 22/01/2015 By: Cronan McNamara

Creme Global and UCD demonstrated a fun game for students at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in Dublin in January 2015 to test their knowledge of nutrition.

The game was developed as part of our outreach work with UCD, our partner in the Food4Me European FP7 project on personalised nutrition. The document 'The Science Behind the Game' was distributed to students to explain the scientific data and analysis that underpins the game.

The fundamental question in Food4Me is, "how can we best use our current understanding of food, genes, and physical traits to design healthier diets tailored for each individual?". To address these questions, Food4Me has gathered an international group of experts to survey the current knowledge of personalised nutrition, and to explore the application of individualised nutrition advice.

This Nutrition game was presented, courtesy of the European Commission, at the EU stand during the BT Young Scientists & Technology exhibition in Dublin to promote our work on the EU FP7 funded research project Food4me.

The game can be played here!

Creme Global - Food4Me Nutrition Game - The Science Behind the Game