Lead by University College Cork, ODIN, an FP7 funded project, will provide the evidence to prevent vitamin D deficiency in Europe and improve nutrition and public health through food by establishing an internationally standardised analytical platform for 25OHD. Also using dose-response randomized control trials, dietary requirements for vitamin D during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence will be assessed to support planned EFSA revisions.

Using available biobanks and databases from national nutrition surveys ODIN is assessing the relative contributions of sun and dietary sources of vitamin D to circulating 25OHD and establishing a standardized analytical platform.

Within this project Creme Global is looking at sun and dietary exposure to vitamin D in European populations. Using our dietary modelling, innovative food-based solutions  to increase vitamin D in the food supply through a combination of bio-fortification of meats, fish, eggs, mushrooms and yeast will be developed.

ODIN will test the efficacy and safety of these products in food-based RCT varying in scale from small product-specific trials to a large total diet study in vulnerable indigenous and immigrant sub-groups.