Assessing the Safety of Constituents or Contaminants in Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

Following the announcement of our Custom Product feature in our latest release of the Creme RIFM, we are delighted to announce that there is a new Constituents Model in this release. This model allows scientists and innovators to assess the impact of constituents, or contaminants, in fragrances and ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products on consumers.

Decision makers can now conduct safety assessments on any constituents or contaminants that may be present in fragrance compounds, product ingredients or in the finished products in silico during or prior to product development.

This new feature allows scientists and innovators to analyse the effects of constituents which are intentionally added to a product formulation, or unintentional constituents such as contaminants. The key inputs are the concentration of the constituent and the probability that it is present in either the fragrance ingredient, mixture of fragrances or simply in the product as a whole (see Figure 1 below).

The constituent concentration is paired with the existing fragrance and mixture concentration data collected from industry groups to provide an accurate estimate of consumer exposure to the constituent.

The product consumption data in our models is based on habits and practices data from the world’s largest survey ever to be used for exposure analysis (over 36,000 consumers) and contains real world usage data on a range of 25 products including personal care, soaps, cosmetic and air-care products (air fresheners, etc…).

The software conducts the exposure analyses on a high performance cloud-based system which ensures that the client receives the results in quickly and with no computing demand on their personal computers. The data is sent and received over a secure network which allows our clients to collaborate and access their data from anywhere in the world.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Creme RIFM or Creme Care & Cosmetics (v1.0), including a full list of products included in the model, please contact us on or call +353 1 677 0071.

Written by Creme Global on May 8 2014

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